Introducing iVerify, the first mobile threat hunting company

Aug 24, 2023



The mobile security market has a problem.

‍Simply put, current solutions fail to meet the sophistication of modern threats or the growing privacy desires of mobile device users. The industry has remained fixed in place as the world changed around it.

‍We believe, along with security leaders and our investors, that it is time for something new. Not only because we care deeply about the safety of frontline users like journalists and activists - many of whom are doing important and often dangerous work - but because enterprises and consumers deserve real protection from advanced mobile threats without sacrificing privacy.

‍Building on the foundation of a product originally created by Trail of Bits to protect their own employees’ devices, we are building iVerify, the first mobile threat hunting company that will harmonize security and privacy in the face of a new class of mobile threats. 

We are witnessing the commercialization of mercenary spyware

Not long ago, expensive and highly sophisticated mobile malware was the exclusive domain of  only the few most elite cyber threat actors. Unless you were the most notorious international terrorist or fugitive cartel boss, you could generally consider your mobile phone secure out of the box.  

‍No more. Today mercenary spyware has gone “down market,” and become much more ubiquitous. This means that the universe of potential victims has expanded in kind - from frontline human rights activists and investigative journalists to global business leaders - yet the solutions designed to protect our mobile devices haven't kept pace with this growing threat.

‍What’s more, the speed and impact of mercenary spyware infiltration is alarming. Forensics tools are limited, and researchers are not necessarily equipped to rapidly discover and alert targets that their device has been compromised in a timely manner. Yet when it comes to mercenary spyware infiltrating a mobile phone, where our most intimate and valuable information is kept, time is of the essence.

‍Our vision is to arm organizations and individuals with the protection they need in this changing world. We are building the first mobile threat hunting company focused on countering the emerging mobile spyware threat.

Our mission to protect user privacy

A key aspect of how iVerify will help usher in a new era of mobile security is our focus on privacy. We believe that modern mobile devices are an extension of ourselves - they hold our most intimate thoughts and information about our closest friends and family, and they are also connected to a stunning array of confidential business and organizational resources. Historically, organizations have relied on a limited set of tools to keep this information safe from mobile threats. Yet we hear constantly from CISOs, employees, and partners that the current suite of mobile management and security tools leave lots of people behind. There is immense interest in something more innovative. 

‍We believe that protecting mobile devices while respecting individual privacy is essential and achievable. While it can work well alongside existing tools, iVerify’s enterprise solution is the only one that doesn't require a management profile in order to provide security telemetry on both iOS and Android devices. This means we can serve users at every level, from individuals to the largest enterprises.

This is a world we know - and one we want to change for the better.

Protecting vulnerable users from harm is our life's work. Prior to iVerify, we held leadership positions in the nonprofit and technology worlds, with deep ties to the security research community. We understand the scope and scale of the ever-changing mobile malware threat, and we also possess the experience needed to make advanced mobile security widely available. With an amazing team and collaborative, caring culture, we aim to create the most advanced, private and usable security tool on the market today. We are honored and excited for the opportunity to do so.  

‍We hope you’ll join us on our journey. If you’d like to learn more or are interested in joining our team, please reach out.

iVerify cofounders: Danny Rogers (CEO), Rocky Cole (COO), and Matthias Frielingsdorf (VP of Research)