Introducing iVerify Threat Hunter: Neutralize Zero Days Lurking in Your Mobile Fleet

Dec 6, 2023


iVerify Team

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of iVerify Threat Hunter, protection against advanced mobile malware for individuals with elevated risk profiles (c-suite, development teams, product teams, etc.), combined with tools for hunting down unknown threats lurking in your mobile fleet.   

‍Threat Hunter is our first major release since establishing iVerify as an independent company a few months ago – the first mobile threat hunting company specifically focused on tackling sophisticated device-layer threats. Our team has been hard at work rooting out advanced mobile spyware and malware to protect businesses against zero-day vulnerabilities. 

Be the Hunter, not the Hunted

Mobile malware, including spyware, is now commercialized on an industrial scale, while millions of mobile devices connect to enterprise services and networks each second. In an era where our lives are intricately interwoven with smartphones, the emergence of mobile malware poses a significant risk to our security and privacy; however, despite the pervasive nature of mobile malware, detection of the most sophisticated attacks remains an elusive challenge owing to the architecture of mobile ecosystems and the evolving tactics employed by malware developers. Simply put, existing mobile security solutions often reduce device functionality and generate privacy concerns while offering little in the way of meaningful security.  

‍So we built something better. 

‍Enterprise and Small Business Solutions

Threat Hunter is our second enterprise product focused on device-layer threats. It combines deep access to mobile devices, automated detection, and expert analysis to scale and expedite the process of mobile forensics end-to-end, from flagging suspicious artifacts to immediately alerting organizations about unknown malware. It’s easy to deploy – either through a simple email-based download or through SCIM, MDM, and SSO integrations – and is easy to use, requiring no security or computer science expertise.

‍Specific product capabilities include:

  • Deep, always-on mobile forensic investigations that can scale across a large or geographically dispersed organization. 

  • Rapid data collection in seconds rather than the 40 minutes or more required by other tools.

  • A simple interface that’s easy for end-users to understand. This is our bread and butter  – check out our App Store ratings

  • On-device heuristics that flag suspicious activity for further analysis by our in-house team of mobile security experts. 

  • Support from our team of security engineers and researchers to remediate detected threats.

‍Threat Hunter is designed to complement our existing product, iVerify Enterprise, which provides lightweight, rapidly deployed iOS and Android telemetry monitoring while protecting individual user privacy. iVerify Enterprise is perfect for BYOD fleets, but even more powerful when paired with MDM (via our API) to instantly remediate device compromises.   

In the Wild

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is already using iVerify Threat Hunter to protect a worldwide network of independent media centers and journalists. In the face of rising costs and growing threats to independent media, OCCRP provides media outlets and journalists with a range of critical resources and tools including digital and physical security, and allows those covering the most sensitive topics to work in teams with trusted editors. Most recently, OCCPR used iVerify Threat Hunter to confirm that spyware made by NSO Group was planted on an Indian journalist’s iPhone. 

"iVerify Threat Hunter was a no-brainer for an organization like ours with elevated risk profiles,” said Drew Sullivan, OCCRP co-founder. “It allowed our staff to look into the phone's operating system and identify suspicious activities that are signs of unknown malware, even in the absence of a clear signature. That allowed us to act aggressively to close possible breaches. With no-click malware use growing exponentially, Threat Hunter is a key tool for us in this quickly evolving space.”

If you’re interested in learning more about iVerify Threat Hunter, please reach out to us at