Is Your Device Compromised by Spyware? Be the First to Know.

Sep 13, 2023


Rocky Cole

A few days ago Apple released a new emergency iPhone update to patch a pair of vulnerabilities used to deliver Pegasus spyware. These alerts are helpful in nudging people to keep their iOS up-to-date, but what if you could know if your device was compromised by spyware even before Apple sends an update?

‍Mobile devices used to be secure out of the box largely because they were unattractive targets for malicious actors seeking to exploit companies. We used them to text our friends, maybe scroll social media, or talk to our families. That is no longer the case -- today we conduct as much, if not more, work on mobile devices as desktop. Phones today are connected to all kinds of enterprise systems that, if compromised, could lead to a major breach with significant financial costs and loss of customer trust. This change in the way we work made mobile devices attractive to sophisticated adversaries. There is serious juice to squeeze, as they say, in exploiting mobile vulnerabilities. 

Adversaries have taken note. Mobile spyware is on the rise, increasing in both volume and sophistication. CISOs can no longer afford for mobile security to be an afterthought. Yet, mobile devices in the workplace remain largely unprotected. Only around 40% of companies use any kind of mobile security product at all, including management profiles.


‍What we're hearing from CISOs is there isn't a product on the market that really meets their needs. Employees worry about their privacy when installing management profiles and CISOs are often reluctant to press the issue. At the same time, other products lean heavily into AI to detect suspicious network and application activity. Those approaches can be helpful, but detecting emerging malware requires conducting deep forensic investigations on mobile devices -- something not easily done by most security firms.

‍iVerify tackles both of those problems. We are the first mobile security company dedicated to hunting down mobile threats before they explode into a major breach. We've built technology that quickly and cheaply conducts full forensics investigations on mobile devices, allowing us to turbocharge the process of developing mobile IOCs. And all of this works in harmony with our privacy-preserving application, using only minimal mobile telemetry to detect compromises. Businesses can protect their assets and information while employees can keep their personal data private when iVerify is on their phones.

‍You can read more about Apple's latest iOS update in this article from Forbes reporter Kate O'Flaherty.

Rocky Cole, co-founder and COO