iVerify Basic is now on Android!

May 22, 2024


iVerify Team

Consumers can download our popular mobile security app from Google Play

  • iVerify Basic is available on both Android and iOS for only $0.99. 

  • Product features include secure browsing, on-demand malware detection, and how-to’s for using security settings on your phone

‍iVerify Basic just hit the Google Play Store! This is a critical step in our mission to free everyone from the fear of someone else accessing their most intimate information through a mobile phone.

‍In 2023, iVerify spun out of the security company Trail of Bits, where our consumer app was initially developed to protect iPhones. Since then, expanding the protections of iVerify Basic to Android has been a priority because we see nearly 100x more security issues on these devices. 

As of today, Android users have access to the same mobile security protections that made iVerify Basic a popular app among security professionals and one of the most highly-rated iOS utility apps – plus, we’ve added our unique Threat Hunting capabilities that root out zero-day attacks and unsuspected apps behaving badly. No other mobile security app gives consumers this level of protection from new threats that haven't yet been fixed by app developers or OEMs.

iVerify Basic for Android and iOS includes the following features: 

  • On-Demand Security Scans – Run a manual check on your device to look for security issues, including commercial spyware. Automated, continuous monitoring is available through iVerify business plans. 

  • Threat Hunting – Consumers can request an advanced forensic analysis from iVerify every 90 days. Unlimited analysis and access to premium threat hunting capabilities are available with select iVerify business plans.

  • Device Checkup – Check for software updates and new security features for your phone. Our helpful how-to guides will show you how to use each feature to maximize protection based on your personal risk levels.  

Download iVerify Basic for Android in the Google Play Store.

Download iVerify Basic for iOS in the Apple App Store.

For business plans, contact our sales team at: