Mobile EDR that Actually Responds

Jun 10, 2024


iVerify Team

Don’t just detect threats, automatically remediate them with iVerify EDR

  • Our new response features give organizations the ability to take action against smishing attacks, compromised mobile endpoints, and dangerous vulnerabilities – even without MDM! 

  • We’re giving newsrooms, independent journalists, and civil society free access to our most advanced protections through our new program.

Too many mobile EDR solutions focus on threat detection with little to no ability to respond. It’s mobile “EDR” without the “R”.  

That changes today with the rollout of our new enterprise features that empower security teams to take action against mobile threats. These new capabilities are available to businesses using our enterprise products, iVerify EDR and iVerify Elite.

iVerify EDR: Take Action Against Threats

Our detection tools don’t merely generate alerts for malicious applications. iVerify EDR quickly collects and analyzes difficult-to-find telemetry and forensic artifacts to conduct swift, confident, and effective mobile threat hunts, and enables admins to take immediate and automated remediation. 

We routinely detect adversaries trying to modify device behavior, execute suspicious code, and engage in privilege escalation. However, it’s not enough to simply know that attackers are lurking in your mobile fleet – you also need tools to minimize or eliminate the impact by preventing cascading access and movement through corporate applications and databases. And, it is important to be able to do this with or without MDM. 

To this end, iVerify EDR and iVerify Elite customers now have access to the following response tools:    

  • MDM-less Conditional Access: Immediately block access to corporate systems and applications when a compromised device is detected, even without using MDM. 

  • VPN-less Smishing Protection: Prevent attackers from routing device traffic to malicious websites. We’ve partnered with the Quad9 Foundation to give organizations this ability without adding data-sniffing VPN providers to their supply chain. Smishing is a significant security threat for companies, especially those with BYOD phones accessing company data. According to the Verizon Mobile Security Index

    • 80% of phishing sites specifically target mobile devices

    • People let their guard down on mobile phones

    • BYOD is almost 2x more likely to be phished, and half of all BYOD phones get phished.

iVerify Elite: Advanced Protection for Elevated Risk Profiles

Our premier service, iVerify Elite, is designed for elevated risk profiles such as business executives, board members, and government agencies. With iVerify Elite, you have access to our detection and response tools, enhanced with unique threat hunting capabilities. Our continuous and point-in-time behavioral hunting analyzes heuristic threat data such as system logs, forensic artifacts, and malicious adversarial telemetry.

For more details about how we collect, enrich, and analyze data for threat hunting, check out this technical blog post from our Head of Engineering Kris Jones.

To learn more about our EDR and Elite products for enterprise, contact our sales team at: 

Pro Bono Protection for Journalists & Civil Society

We’re also excited to begin offering iVerify Elite to journalists and civil society organizations free of charge through a new initiative called These individuals and organizations put themselves in harm's way to protect and inform our communities, and we don’t want them to get left behind. 

Visit to apply.